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The world press today | As the vaccination rate slows, hopes for ‘herd immunity’ in the United States are declining

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In Britain, there is controversy over whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson received money from donors from the Conservative Party to repair the Prime Minister’s residence. The New York Times reported that experts said herd immunity could not be achieved given the vaccination rate. The Washington Post reports that the Taliban has begun to increase its control over roads as US forces withdraw from Afghanistan in the past year.

3 May 2021These are the headlines that stand out in the world press …

The Guardian | Senior Conservative Party member: Johnson must resign if he violates house renovation rules

In Britain, there is controversy over whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson received money from donors from the Conservative Party to repair the Prime Minister’s residence. Douglas Ross, a senior member of the Conservative Party, said Johnson should resign if he violated a change rule. According to The Guardian, the Prime Minister was surprised that Ross spoke differently from the Conservative Party.

Independent | British Health Minister: Mask and social alienation will continue after June

British Health Minister Dominic Raab said some masks and social distance regulations in the country would continue in the next month. In the country where the opening is scheduled for June 21, Raab said they are working on what measures will be taken after that day. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that all restrictions could be lifted on June 21.

New York Times | With vaccination rates, hopes for ‘herd immunity’ have waned

The New York Times recalled that “herd immunity” was a much-talked-about possibility, and that vaccination was still a long way off at the start of the epidemic. The newspaper noted that despite the fact that more than half of adults in the United States have at least one dose of vaccine, the vaccination rate has begun to decline. Experts said they thought herd immunity would not be lifted in the near future.

Washington Post | The Taliban has increased its control over the roads

The Washington Post reports that as US forces withdrew from Afghanistan in the past year, the Taliban began to increase its control over the roads. As a result, the newspaper said, many Afghan settlements were isolated and Kabul’s ability to govern was declining.

Moscow Times | Kyrgyzstan says a ceasefire with Tajikistan has been successful since the clashes

Following the confrontation between the two former Soviet republics, Kyrgyzstan said the ceasefire with Tajikistan had not been violated.

The sides agreed on a ceasefire on Thursday, but clashes continued on Friday and Saturday. The country’s national security officials met on Saturday to strengthen the ceasefire.

Speaking to AFP on Sunday, a Kyrgyz National Security Committee official said he had not fired a shot since the ceasefire was strengthened and the situation on the border was “calm, peaceful and calm.”

Although the parties also agreed on a border control protocol on Saturday, no details were provided.

Although there were frequent clashes on the border between the two Soviet republics, last week was the bloodiest in a long time. At least 46 people, including civilians, were killed in the clashes.

Le Monde | National opening plans in France under local conditions

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a gradual opening schedule following the country’s coronavirus quarantine. Macron said the four-phase plan would begin on May 3 and end on June 30. France will introduce a digital health certificate on June 9 to travel to different parts of the country.

Al Jazeera | Khamenei condemned Iranian Foreign Minister Zarifi for a leaked interview

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has condemned Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s remarks about the balance of power in the country, which was leaked in an interview for state records last week. In a televised statement, Khamenei said he was “surprised and saddened” by Zarif’s criticism of former Jerusalem Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in the US operation. “Some of these comments are a repetition of the speeches of our enemies, the words of the United States,” Khamenei said.

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