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The world press today | “Blackened tourists and fighter jets: Israeli-Greek alliance”

Al Jazeera wrote about the expanding alliance between Israel and Greece in the fields of tourism and defense. The coronavirus vaccine, developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca in the UK, has been suspended until the end of a study on the link between blood clotting in adults. The New York Times wrote about how the United States relies on a troubled factory when it comes to vaccine production.

April 7, 2021These are the headlines that stand out in the world press …

The Guardian | AstraZeneca was tested in children; “Keep getting vaccinated,” Johnson said

The coronavirus vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca in the UK, was discontinued until the adult blood clotting test was completed. As concerns over blood clotting continue, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for adults to be vaccinated when it comes to vaccinations.

Independent | Vaccination trials in children stopped after concerns about blood clotting

The University of Oxford has decided to suspend the trial of the vaccine in children due to the study of the association of the AstraZeneca vaccine with blood clots. About 300 people will take part in the experiment, which will examine the immunity caused by the vaccine in children aged 6-17. Authorities in the UK continue to investigate whether the vaccine causes blood clots.

New York Times | The US vaccination plan is based on a problematic factory

According to the New York Times, the federal government in the United States has developed an insurance policy by investing in BioSolutions, a biotechnology company in Maryland, to prevent vaccine shortages during a pandemic. Under the agreement, BioSolutions would keep a factory in Baltimore ready for continuous vaccine production. The plant has produced up to 150 million doses of Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines since last week. However, these doses cannot be used because the inspection authorities have not yet issued a certificate to the factory.

Washington Post | Millions are still waiting for help

More than a year after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the US federal government has provided financial support to millions of individuals and businesses that have been severely affected by the economic effects of the pandemic. However, due to the large number of applications, especially in the first months, there was a delay in payments. According to the Washington Post, this problem continues under Biden. According to the report, millions of people are still waiting for a check.

Moscow Times | Ukraine signaled to Moscow and called for speeding up the NATO membership process

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country’s move toward NATO membership is the only way to end the war in the east of the country.

After a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Zelensky called on NATO members to strengthen their military presence in the Black Sea to “deter” Russia.

The Ukrainian leader said that the development of a membership plan for NATO would send a strong message to Russia.

Russia began building troops on the Ukrainian border last week.

Le Figaro | Plans to restart economy: US moves forward; Europe is behind

While the number of coronavirus vaccines in the United States reached 4 million a day, European countries began to lag behind in the normalization process due to a shortage of vaccine supplies and a decline in epidemic control. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast that the United States will grow by 6.4 percent in its April 2021 report on the Global Financial Stability Report. On the other hand, the growth forecast for European countries did not show significant progress.

Al Jazeera | Bronzed tourists and fighter jets: Israeli-Greek alliance

The alliance between Israel and Greece in the field of tourism and defense is expanding. The two countries have signed a $ 1.68 billion project deal with Israel’s Elbit Systems to build and operate a new military education school in the Greek city of Kalamata. Another partnership is to revive tourism during the pandemic. The two countries have announced a system called “green vaccine passport” to allow travel without restrictions.

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