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The world press today | Queen II. Elizabeth is behind the scenes to hide her personal wealth

The Guardian has found evidence that Queen Elizabeth lobbied the government to prevent the disclosure of her personal wealth in a manner adopted in 1970. Democratic impeachment leaders will try to rekindle the anger of members of Congress during the Capitol raid on Jan. 6 at a hearing accusing Donald Trump of “inciting the people to revolt.” Under the leadership of Tom Brady, the new champion of American football became the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The ropes were fastened on the Brussels-Moscow line.

February 8, 2021These are the headlines that stand out in the world press …

The Guardian | The Queen’s government managed to hide its personal wealth by lobbying.

The Guardian found documents showing that it had lobbied the government to prevent the disclosure of Queen Elizabeth’s personal wealth in a manner adopted in 1970. Government records in the National Archives showed that Queen Elizabeth’s personal attorney pressured the ministers of the time to pass an arrangement that would prevent the disclosure of personal wealth. The regulation, which came into force in 1970, prevented Queen Elizabeth from sharing her shares and investments with the public through a front-end company until at least 2011. Queen Elizabeth’s real wealth has never been revealed, but it is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Independent | Hospitals do not heed the call of the authorities to increase personal protective equipment

It turned out that hospitals affiliated with the UK’s National Health System did not heed calls to give health workers more protective masks. A document obtained by The Independent showed that he was infected with the coronavirus in hospital between August 35 and January 31-January 31. It is estimated that 20 percent of coronavirus cases in the UK have spread to hospitals.

New York Times | The test strategy seeks to rekindle the wrath of the Capitol

Leaders of the Democratic impeachment will try to rekindle the anger of members of Congress over Donald Trump’s January 6 raid on the Capitol raid at a hearing in which he was accused of “inciting the people to revolt.” Prosecutors’ executives will often show footage of the congressional raid at hearings. Democrats need a game of 17 Republican senators to convict Trump.

Washington Post | Still good

The Washington Post saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady. Brady’s photo appeared on the front page of the newspaper, as well as on the sports page.

In a match played in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, 43-year-old Tom Brady, considered by many to be the best of all time, was named the most valuable player in the Super Bowl by playing a statistically better match than his young rival Mahomes.

In a match that ended 31-9, Brady made 201 yards and 3 touchdowns. Rob Gronkowski, an old friend of the New England Patriots, caught two of those passes.

Mahomes managed 26 of 49 passes and threw the ball to the opposing team twice. The star defender finished the match without any passes.

Most of them became the first team to reach the Super Bowl in their stadiums.

With this result, Brady advanced to the 7th Super Bowl. The 43-year-old legend has won six previous victories with the New England Patriots. The star American footballer was named the most valuable player in the Super Bowl for the 5th time. “We’ll get back to that point,” Brady said, pointing out he’ll be on the field next season.

Moscow Times | Borrell said the EU should draw conclusions from the controversial visit to Moscow

EU Commissioner Josep Borrell, referring to the sanctions, said Russia rejected a constructive dialogue with the EU and that Brussels should draw conclusions.

Noting that three EU diplomats had been sent from the country on the day of his visit to Moscow, Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said “Russia did not want to take the opportunity for a more constructive dialogue with Brussels.”

Borrell said the bloc “should draw some conclusions” from the visit. “Member states will take the next step, and yes, there may be sanctions between these steps.”

Borrell’s visit, which ended on Saturday, split 27 EU member states. While France and Germany have supported dialogue with Russia, other member states have called for a tougher stance on Moscow over the arrest of opposition leader Navalny and subsequent crackdowns on protesters.

A few hours after arriving in Moscow, the EU diplomat met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and shortly afterwards some Polish, German and Swedish diplomats were expelled.

Le Figaro | The government is putting pressure on companies to “work from home.”

In France, the government wants to take measures to prevent another national quarantine in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. While measures such as social distance and curfew were in place, there was a call for all possible companies to switch to a home-based system. Although the proportion of companies working at home has decreased since the summer months, this time it was stated that companies that can work at home will be identified.

Al Jazeera | The United States has suspended aid to Saudi-led forces in Yemen

US President Joe Biden announced last week that they would end support for Saudi Arabia’s operations in Yemen. Bidet’s support for the suspension also includes the end of certain arms sales to Riyadh. Biden’s move was seen as a signal that the United Nations will seek a diplomatic solution to Yemen, which it calls “the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.” Experts said that although Biden had announced a new step, there was no clear roadmap from the United States on how the process would proceed. In 2015, the United States began providing “logistical and intelligence support” to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

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