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The world press today | Russia is negotiating with Biden, calling Putin a “murderer.”

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In the UK, National Health System officials said people under the age of 50 could have to wait an extra month for the vaccine due to a shortage of coronavirus vaccines. Russia has called on US Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to consult with Moscow after US President Joe Biden said “I think Putin is a murderer.”

March 18, 2021 Here are some of the prominent headlines in the history of the world press …

The Guardian | Coronavirus vaccinations under the age of 50 have been postponed in the UK due to supply shortages

In the UK, National Health System officials said people under the age of 50 could have to wait an extra month for the vaccine due to a shortage of coronavirus vaccines. The document, sent to the authorities, called for the suspension of all first-dose appointments made before the age of 50 in April. The National Health System expects a significant reduction in vaccine supplies after the week of March 29. On the other hand, government sources said that the British plan to vaccinate all adults will continue until July.

Independent | The founder of the far-right movement accused thousands of lira of misappropriating donations

It has been revealed that the British right-wing movement has abused the thousand pounds it received from the supporters of Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defense League. A former collaboration of the far-right group founded by Robinson, the thousand-pound donations he gave to the group were not used and Robinson used to pay off debts, he said. Robinson, on the other hand, describes the situation as “bankruptcy.”

New York Times | The attack in Georgia is fueling fears of anti-Asian hatred in the United States

On Tuesday, three consecutive message halls were attacked by gunmen in Atlanta, USA. At least eight people were reported killed in the attacks. Police said six of those killed were Asian women. The NYT said it was concerned that hate attacks on people of Asian descent would increase in the United States.

Washington Post | The suspect, who is thought to have killed eight people by attacking Asian-run massage parlors, is charged with murder.

Atlanta police have charged 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long with the murder of eight people suspected of killing eight people in massage parlors in Atlanta. He confessed to the long crimes and told police he was “addicted to sex.” According to WaPo, Long also hinted that he may have gone to the message room before, claiming that there were no racist motives behind the attack.

Moscow Times | Russia is recalling its ambassador to Washington following Biden’s comments

After US President Joe Biden said, “I think Putin is a murderer,” Russia invited US Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to Moscow for consultations.

The decision was announced by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova. “Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has been summoned to Moscow for consultations to analyze what he will do and where he will move in the context of relations with the United States,” he said.

Le Monde | France had to act in the face of the threat of a third wave of coronavirus epidemics

Although the French government has long been reluctant to tighten restrictions on the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Jean Castex said in a statement yesterday that “the time has come” for restrictions to increase. The government began to re-evaluate the national quarantine option after the vaccination program slowed down and the number of cases increased.

Al Jazeera | From the Lebanese president to the appointed prime minister: form a government or leave

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called on Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to form a new government or step down as soon as possible. In the midst of Lebanon’s political and economic crisis, Aoun and Hariri have been unable to agree on a government for the past five months. “If an appointed prime minister cannot form a government, he must pave the way for those who can,” Aoun said in a televised speech. In Lebanon, the government of Hassan Diab resigned after allegations of negligence in a bomb blast in the port of Beirut last summer that killed 200 people.

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