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The world press today | Trump has announced that he will not form a new party

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Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he will not form a third party and will continue his path in the Republican Party. For the first time in Brazil, a variant of the coronavirus was found in 6 people in Britain. Russian media have reported that opposition leader Alexei Navalny will spend 2.5 years in the IK-2 prison. Former prisoners told the Moscow Times about IK-2.

March 1, 2021 Here are some of the headlines selected from the world press in the history of the world …

The Guardian | A coronavirus variant found in Brazil has also been seen in the UK; There was a call for “increasing border restrictions.”

For the first time in Brazil, a variant of the coronavirus was found in 6 people in Britain. One in six people infected with the virus has not yet been contacted. The highly contagious mutation in Brazil has raised concerns that the epidemic could spiral out of control in the country. The government was called to increase controls and restrictions on access to the UK.

Independent | Trump returned to the scene

Former US President Donald Trump attended the Conservative Conference on Political Action (CPAC) yesterday, an important event for the Republican Party. Trump took the stage and made a speech after a long time. In his speech here, Trump once again claimed victory in the 2020 elections and used the phrase “Maybe I can beat them for the third time” in his message on the 2024 elections. In his speech, Trump criticized the Biden administration.

New York Times | Saying he regrets, Cuomo tries to limit the damage

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been accused of sexual harassment, made inappropriate comments to a female adviser that could be interpreted as “dating.” The York Times reported that Cuomo’s statement showed how much harm could come to him.

Washington Post | Trump says no third party will be created

Former US President Donald Trump took the stage for the first time since stepping down, declaring that he would not form a third party and signaling that he would run for the Republican Party’s control race. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Trump said, “The journey we took together four years ago is over,” and told supporters, “There’s no doubt we’ll win.” “We’re not starting a new party,” Trump said. will unite and be stronger than ever, “he said.

Moscow Times | “They will break you”: inside Navalny’s new infamous prison house

Russian officials say arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny will spend the next 2.5 years in a prison in the Vladimir region.

Russian media reported that Navalny will be in the IK-2 penitentiary. Former inmates told the Moscow Times about IK-2.

Konstantin Kotov, who was arrested during the 2019 election protests in Moscow and arrested “for repeatedly participating in unauthorized rallies,” said: “This is a very dense prison. They try to control every step and every thought.”

Kotov said that in the “standard regime” penal colony, prisoners remained in large barracks and had 150 beds in a hut. Kotov said that although the prison was said to be run by a “standard regime”, he thought it would be more appropriate to call it a “strict regime”; “Many people in different prisons in Russia have told me that this is one of the harshest prisons. IK-2 is like a high-security prison built for serious criminals,” he said.

“IK-2 is a completely illegal place. You will be broken there. Bad things have been happening there for a long time,” said Piotir Kuryanov of the Prisoners’ Rights Foundation. “The conditions there are very bad. The prison is next to a swamp. It’s cold, damp and the food is bad. It used to be a place of violence,” Kuryanovi said.

Kuryanov said those arrested on drug and theft charges had been sent to IC-2, and political criminals such as Vladimir Pereverzin had been punished there.

Dmitry Demushkin, a nationalist activist who spent two years in IK-2, also sent a message to the Moscow Times in prison that “being there was torture.”

Demushkin said he spent the first eight months in IK-2 in the popular Sector II. “I was not allowed to talk to other prisoners. I was not allowed to look at them. When I was not there, my hands were always behind my camera. I was not allowed to go to church or play sports.”

“There was a system that allowed daily torture and humiliation,” said another former prisoner.

Le Figaro | Climate law: Macron’s move in France reveals differences in government

In France, a draft climate law prepared by meeting with 150 citizens is controversial. The move to a vegetarian menu in school cafeterias in Lyon has once again exposed the differences between lawmakers and ministers. On the other hand, the Minister of Environmental Transformation, Barbara Pompili, said in an interview with a magazine that she would not accept any concessions on climate law in the House of Representatives.

Al Jazeera | Syria: Israel launches rocket attack south of Damascus

The Syrian army announced last night that an Israeli rocket had struck south of Damascus. Syrian media reported that the attack was carried out by missiles fired by fighter jets from the Golan Heights. Although no statement was made about the Israeli rocket attack, it was said that Syria’s air defense systems were responding. The Israeli Defense Minister said in a statement last week that Israel had taken steps against Iran’s presence in Syria.

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