The world will be dark for 1 hour due to climate change

The lights will be turned off for an hour on March 27 to draw attention to the climate crisis as part of the Earth Hour event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 2007.

According to a statement from WWF-Turkey, the annual Earth Hour event, which is held worldwide on the last Saturday of March, will be held this Saturday evening, March 27, from 20:30 to 21:30 with a call for “change”.

The global event, in which lights will be turned off for an hour to draw attention to the climate crisis, will take place at home this year due to epidemic conditions and will be shared on digital channels.

“World Clock, Change,” said WWF-Turkey, which is leading the fight against the climate crisis in Turkey, explaining why millions of people around the world will be the voice of the planet together.

The guarantee will be provided at by participating in the Earth Hour event, which registers Turkey, to be sponsored by BBVA and Panasonic Life Solutions.

As part of Earth Hour activities, a web conference will be held tonight between 20.30-21.30 to discuss different dimensions of the climate crisis. The conference will call on Turkey to show determination in the fight against the climate crisis and representatives of civil society organizations to ratify the Paris Agreement.


WWF-Turkey Director General Asli Pasinli called on all sectors to be part of the change, saying, “If we do not act today, we will face the more severe effects of the global climate crisis in the distant future. . “used expressions.

Turkey, one of the world’s 20 largest economies in the fight against the climate crisis, Turkey’s carbon economy, to be a party to the Paris Agreement, a strong emission reduction target We want to create an integrated climate policy accordingly and show determination in combating the climate crisis by adopting a coal-free policy. ”

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