The world’s first digital house ‘Mars House’ was sold for 515 thousand dollars

Red PlanetVirtual NFT house ‘Mars House’, a large area covered with transparent glass walls as imagined

As digital art has become a new trend in the world and the popularity of digital art is growing day by day, many NFT (non-mushroom badge) works are finding buyers at record prices. home ‘Mars evi‘recently sold more than $ 500,000. The virtual structure was designed by digital designer Krista Kim. Although the name of the buyer of the house was not disclosed, the new owner of the ‘House of Mars’ paid digital artist Krista Kim 288 Ether (about 515 thousand dollars) cryptocurrency. During the coronavirus epidemic, Krista Kim said she designed to ‘create a healing atmosphere using digital Zen philosophy’, which was sent to a buyer as a fictional universe (Metaverse) 3B document.

A view of Mars was presented

‘Mars House’, which has an impressive appearance, resembles the top of a mountain on the Red Planet and offers its residents a view of Mars, it was stated. Mars House, a large area covered with clear glass walls, is said to be equipped with tempered glass and fabric items and has a dining, seating and sleeping area with an infinity pool.

Developed in Covid quarantine

Kim said, “I want this space to show my respect for Meditative Design, the definition of a new avant-garde luxury for the digital age. I designed the Mars House in May 2020 during the first wave of Covid-19 quarantine. It needs to be built.”

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