There is a mask, there is no social distance

As part of a trial for music events in the coronavirus epidemic, 5,000 music lovers attended a concert in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Masks were worn at the concert, where participants previously tested for coronavirus, but no social distance rules were established.

According to Al Jazeera, 5,000 people gathered for a concert by a group called Lesbian Love in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi.

Coronavirus testing was performed at one of the three points offered to those who bought tickets for the concert. Test officials said three of the 2,400 people who took the test took the test and their tickets were refunded.

Those who were negative from the test, attended the concert with the given tickets and masks. Organizers said the concert was the largest trade event in Europe during the pandemic.

The workshop was supported by local authorities and experts from the Barcelona Foundation for AIDS and Infectious Diseases. A similar experiment was conducted in early December with 500 participants, and it was determined that pre-testing and wearing a mask made the concert possible.

Virologist Dr. “It’s a small step towards being able to host concerts and cultural events,” said Boris Revollo.

Music lovers who attended the concert said the event gave them a sense of “freedom.”

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