Thousands strike in UK over pensions

The Police, Crime and Penal Bill bill in Bristol, England, was protested by thousands of people.

Thousands of people gathered in Bristol City College Green Square to protest the new Police, Crime and Criminal Code, which will change the control of protests in the UK. Protesters in Bristol shouted “No to the British police state!” , “Freedom of protest is the foundation of democracy” and “Stop the law!” Accompanied by written banners and slogans.

Protesters will be fined £ 2,500 if they are allowed to protest in the UK under a new bill and protest without permission.
The new bill will make it easier to prevent protests in Britain, although police have to show that protests can result in “serious public disorder, property damage or serious disruption to public life” before a crackdown is imposed.

Avon and Somerset police, who are in charge of Bristol, warned those who wanted to join the protest yesterday. Police said in a statement that they were trying to identify the organizers of the protests in Bristol and that the Covid-19 rules did not allow such meetings.

Avon and Somerset police also said, “We don’t want to enforce the rules, but officers will take action when necessary to protect public health.” (PUA)

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