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Tortum ‘floating islands’ tourism

6 floating islands in Lake Zökün in the Tortum district of Erzurum will be brought to tourism. The construction of a complex facility for visitors to the floating islands has begun.

Work has begun to bring tourism to the floating islands in Lake Zokun, located 55 kilometers from the city center of Erzurum and 5 kilometers from the district of Tortum.
Erzurum Governor’s Office, Metropolitan Municipality, Tortum District Governor’s Office and Tortum Municipality in cooperation with the aim of bringing floating islands to the country and urban tourism. While preparing the road to the floating islands, the project will include a restaurant, terrace, children’s playgrounds, walkways and landscaping in the area.
The facility will provide a social space for local and foreign tourists who can see the floating islands, meet their daily needs and have a good time. Preference will be given to local producers to purchase products to be sold in the restaurant, thus contributing to the regional economy and promoting local products.
The Northeastern Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA) will also support a project to bring the floating islands to tourism. KUDAKA Secretary General Oktay Guven, will be implemented by the Tortum Municipality and will be supported under the ‘Sectoral Competitiveness Infrastructure Program’, ‘Tortum brings floating islands to tourism’ project, they said they signed the protocol. ‘Tortum Municipality’ Tortum Floating Islands Project ‘won the right to receive support Islands Tortum, located about 5 km from the district center and 55 km from the center of Erzurum, Lake Zokun. Walkways, terrace, restaurant, parking area around 6 floating islands “We will bring our natural beauty to tourism and contribute to increasing the income of our citizens through tourism dynamism.” Guven, the work planned to be completed within a year will cost 4.5 million pounds, he said.

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