“Trump still poses a clear threat to democracy”

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While the leaders of the impeachment process in the United States presented their main arguments, the 45th leader of the country, Donald Trump, who was accused of “inciting the people to revolt,” said that he still posed an open and current threat to US democracy. .

The impeachment process leaders, all of whom are prosecutors and members of the Democratic Party, were told at the hearings that if Trump’s re-election was not prevented, it could lead to new violence in the country in the future.

Speaking to senators during the trial, Jamie Raskin, head of the impeachment process, asked, “Dear colleagues, in this room, if the Senate allows you to enter the Oval Office again, does anyone believe that Trump will not incite people? To get what they want violence?” Raskin asked, “Can you put more of a police officer’s life into it? Will you gamble for the safety of your family? Will you show the future of your democracy?” He said. continued.

The executors of the impeachment process tried to refute the thesis of the Republicans, who claimed that the management of the impeachment process was meaningless for the former president and that it was unconstitutional and not a duty to be taken away.

Red Lieu, a member of the House of Representatives, said, “I’m not scared of Trump running again in four years. I’m scared of being a candidate and losing. Because he can do the same thing again,” Red Lieu said.

Trump’s lawyers will defend the Democrats today, after they finish yesterday to present their main arguments.

After the defense presents its arguments, the senators will ask questions to the parties, then witnesses will testify and relevant documents will be submitted.

Prosecutors and defense will begin the decision process after making this final argument. The majority in the Senate is currently Democrat, but both parties have 50 senators. On an equal footing, Democrats are largely backed by Vice President Kamala Harris, who serves as Senate President. However, a simple majority is not enough to convict a current or former president, and two-thirds of senators must vote. That’s why at least 17 Republicans must vote against the former leader to judge Trump. This is considered a low probability. Two-thirds of the Senate will be acquitted if they do not support Trump.

If Trump is found guilty, a vote will be taken to prevent Trump from taking office in the future. If the absolute majority votes in this vote, Trump will not be able to hold an official position again.

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