TÜİK is going to revise unemployment data

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI) said the data were often criticized by workers and would be revised.

A statement on TURKSTAT’s website listed a number of developments in the labor force statistics as reasons for the revision, such as “changes in types of labor and the labor market, development of policy needs, unemployment rate is not enough to measure vacancies.”

The information will be published monthly

In the current situation, instead of quarterly moving averages and labor force statistics, the results of independent monthly estimates will be published, saying, “In this way, more timely and monthly indicators will be produced.” The currently shared details will be shared with the public by calculating a series of HLFS (Household Workforce Survey) results that can be compared to the new definitions. “

ILO and EU standards

TürkStat touched on the work done by the International Labor Organization (ILO) on the need for updated indicators and definitions to better measure changes in the structure of the labor market over time, and in this regard, the new ILO definition of employment and unemployment in 2013 and set standards did. ”

Stating that these changes are expected to be reflected in the research of all countries, TÜİK announced that it will start using definitions at the same time as the EU countries in the newsletter, which is the reference month of January 2021.

Both unemployment and employment are declining

TürkStat, the unemployment rate in October, November and December, covering a period of November, decreased by 0.4 points to 12.9 percent, he said. During the same period, the number of employed decreased by 1 million 103 thousand people to 27 million 66 thousand people, and the employment rate decreased by 2.7 percent to 42.9 percent.

However, it is estimated that widespread unemployment has risen to 30 percent, including those who have stopped looking for work.


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