Turkey will fire rockets that will cross the border in late summer

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, “Turkey in late summer, we call 100 kilometers of rocket fire beyond the borders of space” explained.

Minister Varank gave it to Bloomberg in conversation, “At the end of this summer, I hope that our Delta V company will hit our rocket, which will cross the 100-kilometer space border,” he said. From Turkey, Sinop, which is likely to exceed the limit, will ignite and empty. He said.

Varank used the following expressions:

“There are liquid and solid fuel engine technologies in the world. The technology used to combine liquid oxidizers, which we call hybrids and solid fuels, may make a difference in the future. You can get significant advantages by using very affordable engines, ie you can get effective power at a cost of 1 in 10.

In particular, observation satellites give countries great advantages in terms of national security. Today, there are hundreds of satellites in the United States that can monitor and capture images from anywhere in the world at any time. We are also a country fighting terrorism. Today, we can easily follow the places where we carry out terrorist operations. Why is that? Because our UAV technology is very high. But today, when we have to conduct an operation in the middle of the Mediterranean, maybe our UAVs will not get there. What do we need then? A satellite. Therefore, all these areas are related to the world economy and, of course, our national security and full independence.

Space X currently operates rockets with a payload of 40-50 tons. It is not easy for us to come here. For this reason, there are countries that have succeeded in these technologies, but have not updated themselves. We are also in touch with them and offer them the following; “If you have such technology, let’s develop it together.”

“To develop an international space port

One of the most important areas of access to space, of course, are the so-called space ports. It may be more profitable to start them close to the equator. We do not name one country, but our second international cooperation in this sense is to jointly develop a space port.

“Our goal in 2023 is to design a spacecraft”

This is our goal for 2023; will design a spaceship. The design will be our own. The equipment and software inside will belong to us. The engine that will take us from Earth orbit to the moon will belong to us. It will manage this ground station in Turkey. We will tell an international company that it could be Russia, the United States or another country; “We will launch our spacecraft into orbit with your rocket.” After our spacecraft leaves the rocket in close orbit, we will fire the rocket of our spacecraft and reach the moon in 3 days and make contact with the moon. This will make the Delta V engine.

“We have no military purpose”

All targets of the Turkish Space Agency are peaceful. We never have a military target. The resulting technologies can be used in the defense industry and in all other sectors. How did the internet come out today? It was a defense industry project that came out of the United States. Therefore, a project you develop in space has a significant impact on you.

“Maybe we will develop one of the most effective vaccines in the world”

We may be a little behind in the development of the vaccine. However, this year’s pandemic does not seem to end next year. We also see that developed countries do not send any vaccines to poor countries. We may not have developed the fastest vaccine, but we believe in the technology of our professors, and we will probably develop one of the most effective vaccines in the world.

“We offered BioNTech to co-produce vaccines”

We offered BioNTech to produce vaccines together. TUBITAK Our President Hasan Mandal always meets. Uğur Şahin wants to work with Turkey, especially in cancer research. There was an intention to open a center in Turkey. We explain their environment in Turkey, encourage them, their opportunities and abilities.

“We will unload the car at the end of 2022”

Turkey’s car continues to be as successful as planned. By the end of 2022, we will be able to load our vehicles from the mass production line. This project is one of the examples of investing in the right project at the right time. All brands have started towing electric vehicles today. “

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