Turkey will overcome the turmoil and continue on its way

Prof. President of the President’s Office of Finance. Dr. Heavenly Transcendent“I think it’s a bit gloomy. Turkey will be able to cope with the current turmoil, calm down and move on,” he said.

‘Are We Ready for a New World?’ Uludag Economic Summit organized as a hybrid with the main topic ‘Social Change Agenda’, Prof. Dr. In response to a question about the global debt problem, Göksel Ashan said that both public and private sector debts are not typical of the epidemic period, and have continued in the past.

“Let me be very clear, I think the world economy is going to have a 2008 earthquake like this. We’re starting to get the signals. Of course it’s going to affect us, it’s impossible for us to stay out. This time it’s a situation of institutional shortcomings,” Ashan said. This debt problem cannot be solved without a serious crisis. The real value of all these debts must fall and cannot be repaid. Otherwise, it cannot be repaid. There is only one explanation, there will be two things: very open or serious. Bankruptcy or serious inflation “Unless the world is experiencing serious inflation, the real burden of this debt will not be indebted. At least this is my forecast. It seems that I have a pessimistic view, no one should regret it, but it really is. The world will go through inflation. Otherwise, these debts are not debt to be paid.” he said.

Overcoming the strengths and weaknesses of the Turkish financial system and in relation to the Istanbul Financial Center, he said that the institutional structure of insurance is very serious in the Turkish banking sector.

After 2.5 years, when Turkey does not yet have a new system, it will be noted that the system works much better over time. Stating that the low savings rate is a disadvantage, Ashan said that the savings rate should be increased in some way.

Turkey, which is more than a paradise, will overcome the current turmoil and calm down.

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