Turkey focused this meeting! The Food Committee is meeting against excessive prices

The Food Committee, hosted by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, will meet tonight at 20:00 to discuss developments in food prices.

“There is a growth in companies that apply unusual prices”

Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center Aydin Agaoglu, told A Haber with excessive prices.

In Agaoglu’s statement “Last month, 283 companies investigated by the Ministry of Commerce were fined excessively. In the last week, 120 companies were fined. That means going to 500 companies a month. There is a climb. There is a disproportionate increase in unfair prices.” He spoke in form.

Inspections in 81 provinces

While the Ministry of Commerce is inspecting markets, markets, markets and wholesale markets in 81 provinces for excessive price increases, 22 thousand 535 products were examined on the basis of 1674 enterprises in the last week.

The results of the inspection will be evaluated by the Unfair Price Evaluation Council and will apply administrative fines from 10 thousand 911 pounds to 100 thousand 910 pounds for those who decide to increase prices unfairly after the protection of companies, and between 54,555 to 545 thousand 550 pounds for those who decide to participate in sock activities.


On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministries of Justice, Treasury and Finance, Agriculture and Forestry, the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TOBB), the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Craftsmen (TESK), the Coordinating Unfair Valuation Board At the meeting, it was decided to impose a fine of 3 million 595 thousand TL on 120 companies.


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