United Nations statement on Uighur camps in China

The United Nations (UN) human rights expert has said that international companies believe they are indirectly involved in the forced labor of Chinese Uyghurs.

In a statement issued in Geneva, 16 experts said they came to this conclusion with information obtained from camps where Uyghurs were forcibly detained and exploited. According to UN experts, more than 150 Chinese and foreign companies are indirectly involved in serious human rights abuses against the Uyghurs. Experts said that the famous brands are among these companies, but did not say what brand they are. UN experts have called on all suspicious companies to inspect supply chains.

On the other hand, experts called on the governments of 13 countries to ensure that companies operating in their countries comply with human rights in production processes.

According to UN experts, many Uyghurs are forced to work in agriculture, textiles, automobiles and technology without humanitarian housing. Many Uyghurs were deported to other provinces, UN experts said, adding that they faced arbitrary arrests, human trafficking, forced labor and slavery.

UN experts said there were reports of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs being forcibly detained in training camps, and asked China to open its doors to a UN delegation to investigate the allegations.

The United States and Australian human rights groups estimate that at least one million people, including Uighurs and other Muslim minorities, are being forcibly detained in camps in northeastern China. Human rights groups have accused Beijing of sterilizing these people and forcing them to work.

Rejecting allegations against the Uyghurs, the Chinese government claims that “educational centers” have been set up for the Uyghurs and that people are free to enter and leave them. Beijing has announced that China is implementing a program to fight terrorism and radicalization in the region.

The United States is suspending cotton imports

Earlier, it was alleged that hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs were forced to work in cotton fields in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. A report by the Center for Global Policy (CPG), a Washington-based think tank, said the Chinese government would employ at least 570,000 people in 2018 to harvest cotton as part of forced labor programs in three Uyghur-populated areas. settled. The United States suspended cotton imports from Xinjiang in early December, citing human rights abuses and “slavery,” and China accused the United States of spreading false news. About one-fifth of the cotton used in the United States comes from Xinjiang.

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