Model of Victoria’s Secret : I Have Been Coding For 10 Years

Lyndsey Scott, a Victoria’s Secret mannequin, drew everyone’s appreciation for her response to comments posted for a post shared from an account. In the post, “This Victoria’s Secret model can be programmed in Python, C ++, Java, MIPS and Objective-C” while trying to show that women exist in the software world, the comments that came to show that men’s perspective is biased.

Victoria’s Secret model’s response to the photo shared from the account of a software developer group on Instagram recently went viral and garnered thousands of likes.

In the comments, the software developers responded sarcastically by referring to the “Hello World” word group that first appeared before, while the old model; “I have 27481 points in StackOverflow. I am an iOS software engineer leader at a technology company and have a license degree at Amherst. ”He showed with his successful career that women are also in the world of technology.

We try to be better with notifications from our strict followers. With the comments we received, we made news in order to emphasize that the perspective of men that should not be in the sector should change. With the comments made to the post of the old model and the reply they received in return, we have seen that in the world of technology, women have a place as much as men and that we need to get rid of our prejudices and look equally.

There is prejudice against women in technology

Deloitte in the technology sector TUBISAD jointly with Turkey, according to the research conducted with 486 women from the technology sector female employees satisfied. One out of every two women working in the sector aims to be a manager. In the report, the rate of women who will direct their daughters to the technology sector is 92%, while 54% of female employees think that men are more advantageous than women in technology.

You can click this link to access the report.

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