Volkswagen is looking for a place and partner for a battery factory

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) plans to build a total of six factories in Europe to produce battery cells used in electric cars.

Thomas Schmall, VW’s chief technology officer, said they wanted to set up six factories to produce battery cells in Europe by 2030 in partnership with companies. The six plants are planned to produce a total of 240 gigawatts of energy per year.

The cost is estimated at 12 billion euros
Although the company did not provide details on the value of the investment, it is estimated that the cost per plant in the sector will reach 2 billion euros, and VW will spend a total of 12 billion euros.

One of the factories is expected to be built near the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Lower Saxony. It is reported that the search for a place and partner for other factories is underway and options are being evaluated.

With the growth of electric car production and intense competition, the production of battery cells is becoming increasingly important for companies. The production of batteries, the most expensive part of electric cars, also increases the company’s profit margin.

VW also plans to reduce the cost of battery cell production. To this end, by 2023, VW aims to develop a “single type cell” that can be used in 80 percent of electric cars produced. It aims to significantly reduce costs and expand the customer base through creative production methods and reuse of raw materials.

The number of charging stations will be five
VW plans to increase the number of fast charging stations by five times to 20,000 by 2025 to meet the electricity needs of cars in Europe. Agreements have been reached with BP from the UK, Iberdrol from Spain and Enel from Italy for charging stations.

With BP, about 8,000 high-speed charging stations will be built, mainly in Germany and the United Kingdom, while thousands of stations are planned in the United States and China. VW plans to spend about 400 million euros for all stations.

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