We don’t think the time is right for the informal meeting proposed by Joseph Borrell.

Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Said Hatipzade, “Given the recent attitudes and behaviors of the United States and three European countries, Joseph borrell “We don’t think the time is right for an informal meeting.”

Tensions over the nuclear deal between Iran, the United States and European countries continue. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Hatipzadeh said after the news that Iran opposed the negotiating table with the United States. “Given the recent attitudes and actions of the United States and three European countries, the timing of the proposed informal meeting is appropriate. By Joseph Borrell. We do not think so.” he said.

“Biden administration did not give up on Trump’s failed policy of maximum pressure”

Hatipzadeh said, “There is no change in the attitude and behavior of the US and Biden leadership, TrumpHe did not give up the failed policy of maximum pressure. On the contrary, it failed to deliver on its promises to return to UN Security Council Resolution 2231 on the nuclear deal.

US must end illegal and unilateral sanctions

“The path to follow is very clear. The United States must end its illegal and unilateral sanctions and return to its obligations. There is no need for negotiations and arbitration by the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Hatipzadeh said.

Hatipzadeh stressed that Iran will not leave the steps unanswered and if the sanctions are lifted, it will return to its obligations and respond to hostile actions and behaviors in the same way. (PUA)

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