We have invested 42 billion TL in 5 years; We have left behind a year full of uncertainties with successful results

Koç Holding made a combined investment of 10.7 billion TL, achieving a consolidated turnover of 183.8 billion TL in 2020. Koç Holding CEO evaluates the results of 2020 Levent CakirogluNoting that they left an extraordinary and difficult year due to the coronavirus epidemic, “During the pandemic process, the health of our colleagues, business partners, vendors, suppliers and families was the most important issue for us. From mechanical fans to intubation booths, from covers to masks, we have pioneered projects that protect public health and provide social benefits. As a Coach Group, we are well prepared for this period thanks to our flexible management approach, strong balance sheet, balanced portfolio structure, strong sales network, flexible supply chain and digital capabilities. We have implemented our financial health measures accurately and quickly. In 2020, when uncertainty prevailed, we achieved successful results and strengthened our strong position. he said.

Koç Group CEO Levent Çakıroğlu stated that Koç Group continues to invest without slowing down despite uncertainties, “with a total investment of 10.7 billion TL in 2020, our total investment has reached 42 billion TL in the last 5 years,” he said.

Arçelik Çakıroğlu, an important player in the Southeast Asian market, Hitachi’nın, to collect all the activities in the white goods sector outside Japan under one company and Arçelik’nin to sign a partnership agreement to get 60 percent of the company to be reminded. , “We believe that working with a strong player like Hitachi will accelerate Archelik’s global growth path in the region, which we recognize as one of our group’s strategic growth areas and where we have previously invested.” he said.

Tofaş tied the leader

Levent Cakiroglu, described the activities of car companies in 2020 as follows:Tofaş The Fiat brand under the roof continued its market leadership in 2019, which it gained in 2019. Tofaş produced 19 percent of the total light car production in the automotive industry. It has been a leading manufacturer in the industry for 14 years TurkTractor He continued to support the agricultural sector. Only 86 percent of the 68 percent of Turkey’s tractor production and exports. Otokar On the other hand, in terms of turnover in 2020 increased by 20 percent. The company, which operates in various segments for the 12th time in a row in Turkey, became the most distinguished brand on the bus. “

Levent Cakiroglu will lead the transformation of the automotive industry for the electrical industry Ford Otosan “We have taken responsibility for producing the first fully electric version of the Transit, the world’s most popular commercial vehicle model, at our Golcuk plant. “We will invest in battery assembly in our Kocaeli factories, Ford Otosan Engineering and Ford Europe’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturing center.” Thus, Turkey’s first and only integrated electric vehicle is an important step for Blackwell to become a manufacturing company, “This investment is a significant success not only for Ford Otosan, but also for our country, our industry will provide a competitive advantage in international markets, “he said.

800 million TL investment from Tuprash

Levent Blackwell, which has the largest cleaning capacity in Turkey Spit He stressed that he has invested more than 800 million TL in 2020 and continues to meet domestic fuel demand under all conditions. In addition, it aims to be an integrated and leading energy market player Entek and diversity of sources and prioritization of renewable energy investments.

Cakiroglu, assessing the developments in the financial sector, Construction loansContinuing its continued support to the economy in 2020 provided 382.7 billion pounds. Earlier this year, it issued $ 500 million worth of subordinated bonds in international markets. More than 200 investors from all over the world took part in the operation and demanded more than 6 times the amount of the issue. This is an indicator of confidence in the economy of our country and our bank. he spoke.

Noting that environmental, social and corporate governance issues are on the agenda of the Koch Group in 2020, Levent Cakiroglu, “As we emphasize with our approach to sustainable growth together in the future, we cannot consider the future of our Group other than the future of society and the world in which we live. Today, all stakeholders expect companies to identify sustainability priorities, strategies, risks, and opportunities from a long-term perspective. As the Koç Group, we are watching developments related to the global climate crisis. In this context, we represent Turkey at the World Economic Forum The CEO Action Group was established internally to define the role of the private sector in implementing the best European Green Consensus. In this context, as the Aries Group, we are committed to contributing to the roadmap needed for global green recovery. We are pleased that our proposals for companies from outside the EU to benefit from financing mechanisms and to take into account sustainability indicators in the assessment are included in the joint statement. he said.

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