We must prove that democracy still works

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“We need to prove that democracy still works,” US President Joe Biden said in his first official address to Congress as president.

Addressing members and the public, the Biden, traditionally considered one of the most important planned speeches made by the US leader at the Capitol Building during the year, is a $ 1.8 trillion social spending plan for financial proposals such as road and bridge construction, expanding social programs, and combating climate change. . The New York Times said there had been no such “substantial redirection” in the United States since Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

“We have to prove that democracy is still working, that our government is still working, and that we can serve the people,” he said.

As recommended by the Capitol, 200 members of Congress and officials were taken to the hall instead of the usual 1,600 due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Another milestone in the history of the organization was that Biden was the first US president to address Congress while two women were sitting behind a high-ranking official. Biden was backed by Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I can say in 100 days,” he said, noting his country’s success in vaccination. The United States took action again. We have turned disbelief into probability, crisis into opportunity, failure into our strength. Life can destroy us, but America will never be the same, “he said.

Biden called for increased control over police forces in the country and restrictions on access to high-powered weapons. “The majority of those who wear the badge serve our people with dignity,” he said. But we must come together and rebuild trust. We must eliminate systemic racism. To do this, we must correct the name of George Floyd. ”

Addressing the trans people from the conference podium, Biden said, “I want all of you who are watching me at home, especially the very brave young people, to know this. “Your president is behind you,” he said.

Biden, who took office nearly 40 years after former President Ronald Reagan said, “The government is a problem, not a solution,” is trying to re-centralize the federal government and come up with plans to close the gap. among the richest people in the country and the rest.

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