We need a stable right government to work with Israeli citizens

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu“We need a stable right-wing government for years to work with the people of Israel,” he said, continuing to call on his opponents to form a government after the March 23 parliamentary elections.

Israel’s Likud Party and Defense Minister led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Benny Gantz The Israeli-led Blue-White Party coalition went to the polls again on March 23 after it collapsed in December due to disagreements over budget talks. As a result of the elections held for the fourth time in the last two years, a coalition was re-released from the ballot box.

“The war against Iran does not end”

As the government crisis continues in Israel, Netanyahu continues to call on his opponents to form a coalition. Stating that he believes his party will form a new coalition government, Netanyahu said, “The struggle for Israeli lands and homeland is not over. The struggle for settlement is not over. The struggle for our right to defense is not over, the war is not over against Iran seeking a nuclear deal.”

“We need a right-wing government”

“As we face these challenges and the enormous opportunities that lie ahead, we now need a stable right-wing government for years to deal with all Israeli citizens,” he said.

Likud won 30 seats in the elections

Netanyahu’s party, Likud, won 30 seats in the March 23 election, down seven from previous elections. Likud is the fourth in a 120-seat parliament. Netanyahu needs a 61-seat coalition to form a new government.

“The far right government will bring us disaster”

Gantz said yesterday that a new far-right government led by Netanyahu would bring “disaster” and that Netanyahu would create an unstable government. Pointing out that he will not form a new coalition with Netanyahu, Gantz said, “We will go with those who are honest in their values, we will be at a distance from those who have personal interests.”

If a new government cannot be formed in Israel, there will be re-election. (PUA)

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