We spent $ 553 million on mobile applications in the last year!

The research company Sensortower’s study identified the countries with the most applications and the most money in the markets. 3.9 billion applications were downloaded in Turkey and $ 553 million was spent for this application.

Smartphones are becoming more accessible, pandemic habits, population growth and so on. For many different reasons, mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. The habit of using mobile applications often brings with it the situation of spending money on mobile applications.

According to Bade İnanç Sonmez from Webtechno; In 2025, global spending on mobile applications will reach $ 270 billion.

The App Store, which has an annual growth rate of 20.7 percent, has $ 185 billion in this share. With an annual growth of 16.9 percent, the Google Play Store has this share of $ 85 billion.
Europe, which is expected to reach $ 42 billion in the next five years, will play a key role in the mobile market. Spending on non-gaming apps will outweigh the games in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

The countries that spend the most money on mobile applications in Europe

United Kingdom ($ 2.9 billion)
Germany ($ 2.8 billion)
France ($ 1.7 billion)
Russia ($ 1 billion)
Italy ($ 801 million)
Switzerland ($ 719 million)
Turkey ($ 553 million)
Netherlands ($ 495 million)
Spain ($ 532 million)
Sweden ($ 446 million)

In 2020, only two European countries exceeded $ 1 billion in terms of spending on applications.

By 2025, the top 10 countries are expected to exceed $ 1 billion and six countries will reach $ 2 billion. The Netherlands is expected to increase its spending on applications over the next five years.

In 2020, revenues will increase by 42 percent compared to the previous year, and the CAGR is expected to be 25 percent by 2025. In this equation, 60 percent came from the App Store and 40 percent from the Google Play Store in 2020. Over the next 5 years of implementation, the Netherlands (both in the App Store and Google Play Store) to increase the amount it spends the most in the second country: Turkey. In this sense, Turkey is estimated to grow by 194 percent.

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