We support a federation solution for two regions and two communities in Cyprus

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said they want Cyprus to be united into a federation of two regions and two communities.

Speaking at the House Foreign Affairs Committee and answering questions, Blinken said he was close to the Cyprus issue when Biden was a senator and vice president before taking office, and that they had taken up the issue. very serious as a guide.

Blinken, in response to a question from House member David Cicilline, said, “We strongly support a decision to unite Cyprus as a federation of two regions and two communities.”

Blinken said they would support the process and the United Nations, which they thought played a critical role on the island, to move towards that result. He said US diplomacy would play a direct role in resolving the Cyprus problem.

Comments on the Eastern Mediterranean

Referring to the Eastern Mediterranean, Blinken said, “Turkey’s airspace violations have criticized this action as contrary to international law and obligations such as NATO,” adding that the move has recently had more positive aspects.

“We believe that the differences on the energy and continental shelf should be resolved peacefully and diplomatically, not militarily, not by provocative steps,” he said.

“I think one of the positive developments we’ve seen in recent weeks is that Turkey has significantly reduced tensions with the European Union. Others are working to develop it productively. We support that concept; that is where jobs will help move,” Blinken said.

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