What does perseverance mean? (What is the determination of the NASA spacecraft?)

American Aviation and Space Agencyof (NASA) Rover-type spacecraft weighing one ton Perseverance, At 15.55 local time, Mars landed in the crater Jezero.

Reach Mars by traveling 470 million kilometers in 7 months PerseveranceHe will look for traces of past life on the Red Planet.

PerseveranceAfter NASA landed smoothly on the surface of Mars, for the first time since the Viking spacecraft that managed to reach Mars in the 1970s, NASA had the opportunity to find direct signs of past life.


Perseverance developed by NASA’s Mars Exploration Program and includes a helicopter drone called “Ingeunity” ‘Perseverance’ means.

Invention ‘Creativity – ingenuity‘means.


NASA’s one-ton Rover spacecraft Perseverance, to watch life on Mars after a journey of about 7 months. Jezero crater loaded.

Perseverance was downloaded to Gale Crater in 2012 Curiosity According to NASA officials, there are big differences between the vehicles, which are equipped with very special tools for scientific research, which is the task of the new guest of Mars.

With 20 cameras and a pair of microphones PerseveranceAlthough E is expected to send a large number of special images to the world, a mini-helicopter capable of capturing the camera is said to be flying.

With 20 cameras and a mini helicopter Perseverance The spacecraft is tasked with exploring surface geological processes, including the viability of the planet, the potential for life on Mars, and the preservation of biological signatures in accessible geological materials.

Perseverance The spacecraft will monitor possible microbial life in Jezero Crater and collect soil and rock samples from Mars.

VIDEO: NASA Scout Fell on the Red Planet

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