What is a club house and how to become a member? (Is an invitation required at the clubhouse?)

Club house application, Alpha Exploration Co. The software is a social networking platform developed by the company that allows you to interact through voice chat rooms.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the Clubhouse app does not share videos and photos, and users can participate in chat rooms on topics of interest to them and engage in discussions by interacting with voice.

Subscribe to the application without entering the waiting list, It is important to get an invitation from a user who uses the application.

The growing popularity of the application reached one billion dollars on January 21, 2021.


Club house The program provides users with voice interaction through chat rooms.

In chat rooms set up according to the topic, users can join the conversation with the permission of the chat manager or join the conversation only as a listener.

Club house Unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the app does not have text messaging, video chat, writing or photo sharing.

The application is for now only iOS offered to users.


For now, you only need to install the app, which is only available for iOS users, on your device.

After selecting a username and confirming your account via SMS, Clubhouse will add your account to the waiting list.

If a user who is already a member of the application sends an invitation, the membership process is completed without entering the waiting list.

Once the membership process is complete, you can join the chat rooms on a variety of topics that interest you as a listener or speaker by establishing a voice interaction.

It is reported that the growing popularity of the application is also being developed for Android devices.

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