What is known about the “secret organization” that is on the agenda to attack the Turkish Armed Forces in Idlib?

Independent sources, along with unconfirmed allegations of rape in some media outlets close to the government in Turkey, the authorities made a statement on the subject.

Meanwhile, a group called Abu Bakr Siddiq’s Aides Series claimed responsibility for the alleged attacks and released an unconfirmed video claiming it belonged to one of them.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two separate bombings had recently taken place in Idlib near Turkish military vehicles.

Important media outlets of Syrian opposition groups also claimed that the explosions took place.

But who is Abu Bakr Siddiq’s Aides Series, which is included in these latest attack allegations and is thought to have been involved in some of the alleged attacks in the past year?

Astana agreements were signed in 2017 within the observation points in Turkey, Russia and Iran, Idlib.

Since the agreement signed between Ankara and Moscow on March 5, 2020, Turkish and Russian military forces have been patrolling the region together.

Abu Bakr Siddiqi Assistants Knocking Organization, the first name of the people in August 2020, Turkey committed a suicide attack on the observation forces in Idlib, said in a statement.

BBC TürkAymen Javad El Tamimi, a member of the Extremism Program at George Washington University in the United States, said that “the group’s agenda is to target the Turkish Armed Forces and all its attacks so far are against the Turkish Armed Forces.”

“The group sees the Turkish army as an ‘apostate occupation force’ that needs to be expelled from Muslim lands. They base their views on the apostates on the Turkish army’s NATO membership,” he said.

The group does not have a publicly recognized leader.

According to experts, there is no information that the organization has open links with other armed groups.

Following the revelations of these and similar jihadist organizations, the BBC Monitoring Service called Mina Al-Lami a “mysterious organization.”

Speaking to BBC Turk, Al-Lami explains why:

“Because their past and connections are suddenly mysterious. Apart from that, they have not yet made a clear statement about their leadership, origins, responsibilities, etc. So we do not know who they are, what their roots are and who may be behind them.”

Is it related to ISIS, Al Qaeda and HTS?

Much of Idlib is under the control of the Heyat Tahrir Sham (HTS).

The HTS was an umbrella organization set up under the leadership of Nusra Front militants who announced in 2016 that they had left Al Qaeda and changed their name to the Fatah Front in Damascus.

Al-Tamimi says that he thinks that the political line of Abu Bakr Siddiq’s auxiliary series is on the line between ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and that he also encountered HTS:

“The group is not affiliated with IS or al-Qaeda, but acts independently. The main ideological inspiration behind the group’s activities is the writings of a secret cleric named Hayal El Manhaj. He has called for attacks on both the Turkish army and the HTS.”

“What I personally deduce from Hayal’s writings is that he is a bit close to ISIS. He does not see ISIS as a caliphate. Hayal also criticizes Hurras al-Din, an al-Qaeda partner who says he effectively recognizes HTS’s reputation. Al-Qaeda needs to change. and says a new generation needs to work, and that Aymen Zawahiri is most likely dead. In short, I think the organization has a sense of an independent jihadist somewhere between ISIS and Al Qaeda. “

Who are the other mysterious groups?

Experts say that after the spring of 2020, other “mysterious” groups have emerged in Idlib aimed at targeting only Turkish forces.

“Again, these groups are secretive organizations that do not disclose whether they are in open or secret contact with another jihadist organization, whether they work for anyone or whether they are independent,” Mina al-Lami said.

Some of these groups were called Sheikh Marwan Hadid Brigade, Sheikh Marwan Hadid Brigade, Khattab El Sishani Brigades, Abdullah bin Anisi and Mujahid Pioneers.

Al-Lami describes the approach of these groups to the Turkish army as follows:

“These groups are often referred to on behalf of NATO in the understanding and interpretation of the Turkish NATO army. Most likely, they say that Turkey is cooperating with the ‘crusade’ and at the same time want to shake the rebels and Islamist groups as Turkey’s ally.”

“Attacks by these groups on Turkish forces appear to have undermined the HTS’s reputation and ability to control militants in areas under its control.”

Al-Lami said, “Jihadist groups like Al Qaeda have seen the lock in Turkey as an enemy and a threat to the north of Syria’s existence. They have secretly criticized the jihadists, along with HTS, for working with Turkey to clean up the north.”

“The fact that the HTS allows Turkish troops to move in Idlib and sometimes even accompanies Turkish troops as part of efforts to reduce tensions undermines the HTS’s credibility in the face of these other jihadist groups,” he said.

Al-Lami said that both the series of Abu Bakr Siddiq’s aides and these other anti-Turkish military groups were ignored in the HTS press, adding that they were praised and that their news was shared by al-Qaeda supporters in a virtual environment.

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