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Who was canceled in Survivor, who is Öykü Çelik? (April 1, 2021 details) – Magazine News


Story Celik Çakan was born on July 13, 1987 in Istanbul. He is a Turkish film and TV series player. In 2006, she started acting in the series Selena. In 2009, Jin Gechidi and Haluk Piyes starred in the Barut films in Kanım. Öykü Çelik, who also played the role of Reyna in the Nuri series played by Oktay Kaynarca and Meltem Cumbul in 2011, played the role of Bahar in the series “Forgive Me” written by Mahsun Kırmızıgül in 2012.

In 2014, she starred in the TV series Crying Dance with Kivanc Kasabali. In 2014, Burak Serdar Şanal, Öykü Çelik, Melis Babadağ, Mert Turak, Burak Alkaş, Ali Barkın, Emin Gürsoy, Renan Bilek, Zeynep Gülmez, Nuri Gökashan, Yener Gürsoy, Jale Aylanç, Elvan Gear were featured in the “Green Sea” series. He took the role.

When Öykü Çelik went to Bursa to shoot, he met businessman Ahmet Murat Çakan and settled in Bursa within 25 days of his marriage. Between 2014 and 2015, she married businessman Ahmet Murat Çakan and later divorced. He is interested in and interested in sports such as ice skating, football, skiing, roller skating.


Öykü Çelik, born in 1987, is 1.70 tall, 60 kilos and a sign of Cancer. @ Oykucelikk_ is located on the Instagram social networking site under the username.


Öykü Çelik, one of the ambitious names of the race, answered the question of journalists before leaving for the Dominican Republic for Survivor and gave signals that he would be ambitious in Survivor. Story Steel, before going to Survivor “Define the champion, who is the second?” It was a remarkable name with the slogan.


Story Steel, says he has always been a person who expresses his feelings since childhood. The player said that his friends are very afraid of his angry situation, he has learned to control his anger over the years, but still has a macho side. Finally, the beautiful actress, who appeared on the screens with the series The Word of Honor, made statements about her life in an interview. A beautiful actress in the 15th year of her career, Öykü Çelik, said that she had the following feelings while watching the projects and series she has played so far:

“I did the right thing for the moment in the elections I faced,” he said. I do not regret. But this is the best; 15 years have passed, but for me it is a new beginning. I never looked strategically, because I focused on the point in my profession. To work at that moment, to do that work, to deal with it … It is not an area where we can already make a strategy. We are going to a pandemic or something else. The so-called ‘amount’ does not work. But at least I can say that; I’m not like I was when I first started my career. So at least I can say ‘I want to play something like this a little more’, because the roles I played, my tone of voice, my bone structure changed everything. For example, my second bad role, the first two years ago I played a bad role. Playing something else here convinced me personally. “

Öykü Çelik, who has been playing for many years, described the most important feature that acting taught him, and said that the most important training that acting brought him was ’empathy’. Here are the words of Öykü Çelik;

“Empathy … Because you can’t say you don’t understand, and as an actor we have to understand every emotion. Think about it, there are millions of emotions, and as an equation, they combine each other with other emotions, with each other with other feelings. I think it greatly enhances emotional intelligence. In fact, I can say on my own behalf that being too empathetic is a bit of a loss. Besides, I worked in the villages as well as in the cities … I knew many people. I also worked in 7 regions of Turkey. I even worked in a village without electricity, which helped my age a lot, made me like an encyclopedia. “

Öykü Çelik, who was quarantined during the pandemic, gave this answer when asked what teachings this epidemic brought; “The pandemic was the only time I didn’t feel guilty. Because my conscience is always guilty when I am idle. I feel irresponsible, I do nothing. At that time, I liked to do nothing and stop. I learned what that meant. So my work rhythm slowed down, I digested. Of course, you question your life and what can happen after a pandemic. Did I learn a lot? I will understand this later. But I think the pandemic is psychologically good for everyone. “


2008 Cin Passage Spring
• 2009 Gunpowder in my blood
2010 Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan
2013 Romantic Comedy 2: Single
2019 is closed


• 2008 Acacia Stop
• 2009 County
• 2010 Gönülçelen
2011 Nuri
2012 In an Ottoman Period: Revolt
2012 Don’t be sad for me
2014 Crying Dance
• 2014 Green Sea
• 2015 Poyraz Karayel
2015 coup
2016 Joy When Life Is Beautiful
2017 Warrior
• 2019 Resurrection Ertuğrul
2020 promise of honor

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