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Who was the candidate for elimination in Survivor? (April 10, 2021)

Survivor’da last night’s performance game and the second immunity game was fought. Then the second candidate of the week was determined. Survivor, the place where the excitement is at its peak, who won the symbol in the new episode? Which team won the second immunity game in Survivor, and who was the candidate for the second elimination? What happened in the April 11 episode of Survivor 2021 …

WHO LEFT THE PERFORMANCE GAME IN THE PEOPLE? Before the quarterfinals of Survivor 2021, the contestants competed individually to win the symbols. In Survivor, the performance game was played on a platform built by the river. Opponents retreated step by step with the rope, trying not to fall into the river. Aleyna Kalaycioglu for women, Reshat for men were the longest remaining women. Aleyna could not benefit from the award because she was suspended. For this reason, Aleyna Caliskan could not benefit from the award. One of the two opponents was penalized. Aleyna’s second name was Steven. Reshat chose Poyraz and Dora for the award. WHO LEFT THE 2ND IMPROVEMENT GAME IN THE PEOPLE? In the first-ever immunity game in Survivor, contestants tried to cut the ropes with knives in their hands. Interesting images came to the screen while cutting the ropes during the game. Terrible difficulties arose on the track where the contestants played for the first time. Celebrity team that won the selection started the game fast. Celebrities who made an incredible change to the opponent in the course, won the immunity game, which was defeated by a score of 10-2 in just two matches.
WHO IS THE SECOND USE CANDIDATE? The island council convened for a group of volunteers who lost the immunity game in Survivor. In the voting for the island, the participants wrote their names one by one. The written names were Hanzade and Aleyna Kalaycioglu. Hanzade Ofluoğlu, whose name is written the most between these two names, became the second candidate.
There was a fierce struggle in the last episode of Survivor, where the market excitement and the immunity game took place. Celebrities have gained immunity. Ismail, who made a strong impression with his speech this week, received a symbol of impunity. Although the volunteers won an important market game for the contestants, Aleyna Caliskan was chosen as the first candidate of the week by voting this week.
Team captains are known In Survivor 2021, contestants re-voted for the selected team captains every Thursday. After the vote, Batuhan became the captain of the famous team, and Poyraz became the captain of the volunteer team. The Celebrities and Volunteers team faced a difficult path to the prize game. Before the game, the teams competed in a dominant game. In the Merve – Batuhan Berkay – Aleyna Kalaycioglu match, the volunteer team won the match and the teams met again in the prize game. This time the participants came to the track for a real game. In the volunteer team, Poyraz did not participate in the game due to injury, and Çağrı was out of the game in the famous team. In one part of the runway, he struggled to pull his opponents and their friends on the raft with a mechanism.
The winner was determined by the flag race, the famous Çağrı and Merve scored 9-9 points from rivals Berkay and Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu, while the game was in the relay race, the match between Batuhan and Ayşe was also determined. the fate of the game. Ayşe, who scored 10-9 points on a difficult field before her opponent, won the team’s award. So the volunteers won the pizza award.
TELL ME, WHO LEAVES THE GAME? Let us tell you that it helps the contestants to relieve stress on the island and is still a scene of good moments. In the tell-tale game, the contestants tried not to know the most words in the allotted time. Poyraz received a strong reaction from the celebrities team for his actions after the score. There was a short-lived tension after this incident. There was an oral argument between Ismail and Dora, and after the restart of the game, the fight ended 5-2. So tell me, celebrities have. Batuhan-Melis duo, who knew the most words of the night, broke a record.
Pictures of the fight in the previous episodes of Survivor …

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