Will Ounce Gold Continue to Historical Statistics Opportunity?

As we prepare to leave November behind, all eyes are turned on whether the Ounce Gold price will continue with the historical statistics opportunity. In the last period of every year, including 2013, precious metal bottom studies are carried out and the rise with the relevant bottom continues until the first quarter of the new year. The agenda for December is important for the answer to the question of whether Ons Gold will continue its relevant statistics, which has made its impact felt since 2013. In this agenda, new news flows regarding Vaccination and the US Presidency process are our priority, but the messages of important central banks such as the Fed, ECB and BoE to the markets and the results of economic indicators of high importance for the USA will be on our radar. Before moving on to our graph for our relevant statistics, let’s refresh our memory for the past. In May 2013, Fed Chairman Bernanke announced at the Jackson Hole meeting that the Monetary Expansion would be curtailed in the coming period. Ounce Gold has entered the Bear Market as of April 2013. In March 2014, Fed’s New Chairman Yellen denied a 6-month time emphasis for the decision to terminate the monetary expansion. In December 2015, the Fed made its first rate hike after the 2008 – 2009 crisis and in light of the signals given in May 2013. Following the US Presidential Election, in December 2016, the US Federal Reserve made its second rate hike after the crisis. In 2017, although the Fed made 3 interest rate increases and even reduced its balance sheet of 4.5 trillion dollars, the dollar continued to depreciate in the international arena and Gold continued its upward ascent. Despite the Fed’s increase in interest rates by 4 in 2018, the current upward trend in Gold dynamics continued from where it left off with the process of trade wars initiated by Trump between the USA and China.

Fed, which started 2019 with an expectation of an increase in interest rates but presented a completely opposite outlook due to market dynamics, gave an end to the bear market that Gold started as of April 2013 with the signal it gave with the June meeting and the tensions between the USA – Iran / USA – China.

Ounce Gold Entered the Bull Market as of June 2019. When we came to 2020, the coronavirus upset the world economy. The country’s central banks aimed to mitigate the damage by recording significant increases in near-zero or negative interest policy and asset purchase programs. In addition to monetary policy, countries continued to struggle in a coordinated manner to support fiscal policies and the process. Although there was a serious decrease on the Panic Air and Gold side in the initial phase, after the panic atmosphere ended, Gold resumed from where it left off and reached the level of 2075 dollars. At the last stage, with the positive news about the Vaccine news, Gold fell to the level of 1800 dollars and started to question the medium and long-term upward trend.

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