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With the arrival of spring, the demand for bicycles and hiking is growing

Citizens who avoided going out in cold weather began to use their bicycles in the spring to avoid using public transport during the pandemic process.

With the increase in air temperature in Eskisehir, people turned to nature. Cyclist Koksal Konuk said that the use of bicycles has increased, repair work has intensified, while the founder of the Eskisehir Cycling Association (ESBIKE) Gokay Konuk, local authorities are obliged to increase the use of bicycles in the city. The guests were compared to the importance of cycling in Europe and Turkey.
Cyclist Koksal Konuk, the season will begin repair work and expect growth this year, he said.
Stating that the trend of cycling has increased during the pandemic, Koksal Konuk said, “The number of visitors to the annual maintenance of bicycles has increased. Dusty bikes in the basement gradually began to appear. As a concept of sport, there is a certain demand for bicycles from people.
ESBIKE founder Gökay Konuk said that people are starting to choose cycling or short-distance rides instead of public transport, and that they have received a large number of applications to organize cycling activities. Stating that their activities will start after the spring heat manifests itself after the cold weather, Konuk said, “Demand is high, bicycle sales have increased, but bicycle manufacturers are having difficulty finding material. “There are some problems for them, they can’t meet the demand,” he said.
Stressing that people have a requirement for the use of bicycles, Konuk stressed that fulfilling this requirement should be a priority of local authorities. Listing the points that need to be improved in the use of bicycles in the city, Konuk said, “Municipalities have an important role in creating bicycle lanes, parking spaces for bicycle users and bicycle lanes. If they develop, the use of bicycles in the city will increase significantly. “Municipalities and non-governmental organizations should also organize activities to encourage people to use bicycles, and in this way, the use of bicycles will increase,” said Konuk, adding that meeting the needs of people for bicycles is a priority for local authorities.
Comparing the use of bicycles in Europe and Turkey, Gokay said, “When we look at Europe, we now accept the use of bicycles by the people there. will increase, “he said.

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